How to Make Sure Your Braces Don’t Spoil Your Vacation

When I go on vacation I like to try all sorts of foods.   Besides local cuisine, I pull out the gummy bears and all my favorite snacks.    I  want you to have a great  vacation and enjoy all the foods you love too.  A  word of caution however,  nothing is worse than a broken bracket or a painful wire while relaxing on the beach.  So savor those delicious... Read More

Brushing your teeth with braces

No one wants to be caught with food in their teeth, and it becomes a little bit more likely to get leftover food caught when you have your braces. The good news is that there is a slight change that’s necessary to your normal brushing routine that can ensure that your teeth and your braces are clean and free from any food. Before I get into the proper brushing technique,... Read More

Why Teeth Are Sore After Getting Braces Tightened?

The thing is, soreness after routine appointments is actually a sign that your braces are working. The new wires guide your teeth into their planned positions, gradually working toward a straight smile. Each patient experiences the post-tightening soreness a little differently – and some don’t even notice discomfort. No matter where you fall, we’re here to help. Learn more about why your teeth might feel painful, and how to relieve... Read More